Hotel Hygiene in Montreal

I am happy to announce that Hotel Le Crystal has once again taken service excellence and customer comfort to new levels with the launch of our new Platinum Certified Hotel Hygiene Standard! We feel that our proactive operating standard focused on hygiene is a first for the boutique hospitality industry, providing customers hygienically optimal conditions with the peace of mind of knowing that every guest will enjoy a bacteria and pest-free stay! Since we opened in 2008, Hotel Le Crystal has promoted itself as having the most hygienic bed solution in hospitality. All beds feature silk pillow covers and bed covers in triple sheeting to prevent allergies and bedbugs, and all bed linens are replaced for each check-in. In 2009, Le Crystal again took the lead in hotel hygiene in when, in response to the H1N1 virus, it became the first in Montreal to install hand sanitizing stations in all high-traffic public areas. With its new hygiene program, Le Crystal takes both in-room and public hygiene one step further by identifying “high-touch” surfaces and items in suites, and by using hospital-certified disinfectants and other treatments to ensure they are germ free.

Hotel Le Crystal’s Platinum Certified Hotel Hygiene Standard at a Glance

Hospital certified disinfectant used in bathrooms and on high-touch points like remote controls, telephones, headboards and doorknobs
  • All bed linens changed before every check-in
  • Individually-wrapped extra blanket in the closet
  • Dishware washed at 140°F
  • All suites treated every 3 months with a 2-hour Ultra Violet Disinfectant session
  • Carpets routinely treated with an anti-bacterial agent
  • Routine pest control treatments for airborne and non-airborne insects
  • Anti-microbial sofa tissue in all suites (effective March 2013)
Thank you for any feedback and suggestions and we look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Le Crystal. Geoff Allan