Celebrate Local Art and Talent at “Les Soirées Arts et Bulles”


Hotel Le Crystal Montreal and Restaurant La Coupole are proud to present “Les Soirées Arts et Bulles,” a celebration of local artists and talent. Each month for the next year, a different artist will be showcased, presenting his or her most important works. This will take place as a series of themed evenings, with the format being a 5 a 7 cocktail with a chic and relaxed atmosphere.

The events will take place in the elegant Montreal wine bar located in the lobby, which is situated between the hotel and Restaurant La Coupole in downtown Montreal. With its 24-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and offering an air of intimacy and refinement, the wine bar is the perfect venue to turn these evenings into great successes.


Three different types of art will be presented over the course of the “Soirées Arts et Bulles” events. These include visual arts (painting, photography), fashion and jewellery. The theme will alternate every month, with each type of art making four appearances in the year.

As an added touch, those artists presenting paintings or photography will have the chance to have their work showcased on the C3 floor of the Hotel Le Crystal Montreal for the three months following their exposé. The Galerie des Artistes, as well as the five meeting rooms on the floor, will serve as exposition space for the artist.

The first evening of “Les Soirées Arts et Bulles” takes place on September 11th. Visual artist Joanie Rémillard “O-artist” will be showcasing her works. Her paintings are self-described as modern and abstract tableaux.

“I am a young woman who is passionate about art and especially in love with abstract art,” Rémillard explains on her website. “I adore the originality and creativity that allow me to explore.


“I start my creation with a harmony of colours and my imagination does the rest, by and for pleasure! My canvases are unique works filled with energy.”

A portfolio of Rémillard’s works and more info about the artist can be found on her website at http://o-artiste.com.

Stay the night

After enjoying a lovely evening filled with magnificent art, champagne and hors-d’oeuvres, you can stay on site and spend the night in one of our spacious and elegant suites, with all the amenities and comfort of this premier five-star hotel at your disposal. While here you can experience dining at its finest at Restaurant La Coupole and relax in our luxurious spa.

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