Crystal Club

Crystal Club

1. Reservations

1.1. All room rates do not include taxes.
1.2. Taxes applicable to room rates are applied in the following order;
1.2.1. Lodging taxes 3.5%
1.2.2. Provincial Sales Tax (PST) 9.975%
1.2.3. Federal Goods and Services tax (GST) 5%
1.3. All reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card at time of booking or with a guaranteed form of payment.

2. Registration and checkout procedure

2.1. Registration process:
2.1.1. Guests must register at the front desk to gain access to their room and facilities
2.1.2. Early check-in can be requested but is not guaranteed
2.1.3. Upon arrival a valid identification is required for the guest, accompanying registered guests and all visitors. See visitors’ policy, reference point 7.
2.1.4. If guests have reserved online, guests must still present their identification and credit card to confirm method of payment is valid;
2.1.5. Guests accept the requirement to sign the registration card to obtain access to Suite and facilities;
2.1.6. Guests accept that the hotel reserves the right to photocopy identification and credit card at its discretion

2.2. Checkout process:
2.2.1. Hotel Le Crystal recommends to all Guests to conduct a checkout procedure by obtaining a copy of their room folio and confirming the charges before their departure.
2.2.2. It is understood guests who leave without following the checkout procedure automatically accept all charges that appear on their room folio and thus agree to a process of payment without having to validate the specific charges appearing on their room folio.

3. Hours of arrival and departure

3.1 Arrival: from 3pm
3.2 Departure: before noon
3.3 Early check-in can be requested but is not guaranteed
3.4 A late check-out can be requested but is not guaranteed

4. Cancellation and / or non-arrival

4.1 Cancellations or changes to bookings can be made before 4 pm the day of arrival without penalty.
4.2 After 4pm, the first night will be charged to the credit card and is non-refundable


5. Guest age policies for hotel services

5.1 In order to register, guests must be aged at least of 18 years old and present a valid identification with a photo and approved method of payment for the room portion.
5.2 A person of 17 years old will be considered as a child and no extra charge is in effect for the room portion. For guest of 18 years and older, the person will be considered as an adult and charged for the room portion as an adult.
5.3 Parents/tutors/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times throughout the property. The parents/tutors/guardians will be held responsible for actions committed by children under their supervision.

6. Occupancy limits by suite type

6.1 Table 6.a. indicates occupancy limits by suite type
6.2 Rates are based on double occupancy.
6.3 An additional adult will be assigned a charge of $ 30 per night.

6. a. The following grid refers to the optimal occupancy limits by suite type.

1 adult
2 adults
3 adults
4 adults
2 Children
Penthouse 1 Bed
Penthouse 2 Bed


• Included in the price
X Not available
30$ Additional fees, as per the Occupancy limits, reference point 6.

7. Policies on visitors

7.1 It is the registered guest’s responsibility to notify the front desk of all visitors during their stay, and to register all visitors at the front desk. Access to the suite will be permitted only after registration at the front desk with presentation of a valid identification for all visitors.
7.2 After 11pm, no visitor is permitted in the suite for municipal fire safety reasons. Visitors who remain in a suite will be required to leave or the guest will be required to pay the additional fee up to the maximum allowed persons per policy 6. Refusal to register a guest may result in immediate ejection of the visitor and/or guest subjected to the hotel’s interpretation of the situation.

8. Non-smoking establishment

8.1 Hotel Le Crystal is completely non-smoking. It is forbidden to smoke inside the suites.
8.2 A fee of $ 200.00 CAD or more will be charged to your room folio if there is a violation of the smoking policies, to cover the cost of cleaning all fabrics. Violation of the smoking policy are reported by a Crystal’s employees and validated by a supervisor.

9. Valuables and incidental charges

9.1 Hotel Le Crystal is not responsible for any valuables regardless if they are secure or not in the in-room safe.
9.2 The guest agrees that he is responsible for all incidental charges or lost item and agrees to take personal responsibility for any lost item, damages and breakage.

10. Property damages

10.1 The guest accepts to be charged for property damages that occur due to his actions or that of any visitors and guests relating to his stay. Hotel registered guests will be held responsible for actions committed by their visitors, registered or not.
10.2 This includes but is not limited to the guest suite and all areas outside the rented suite(s) located at this addresses; 1100 rue de la Montagne and 1325 rue René-Lévesque West.

11. Noise

11.1 In order to provide all our guests with a comfortable stay, any noise that may negatively impact the comfort of our customers will not be tolerated.
11.2 No noise is permitted after 11pm.
11.3 To create a relaxing environment for all our guests, please note that parties and special events are not permitted in any suites and corridors.
11.4 The occupants of the suite will be asked to leave immediately in the event either noise or excess occupancy surpasses defined limits. Repeated warnings will result in an expulsion without refund of the guest stay. Non-collaborative guests will be equally expelled.
11.5 Any verbal and physical abuse to the hotel staff will not be tolerated and will result an immediate eviction of both visitor and registered hotel guests.

12. Method of Payment

12.1 A valid credit card is required for registration to settle the total amount of the room rate, taxes plus an additional amount of 300.00CAD to cover incidental charges. Your account must always have a 300CAD credit as a security deposit.
12.2 For holders of debit card and cash payment, pre-billing will be issued immediately for a sum equivalent to 100% of room rate, taxes plus a 1000$ as a security deposit. No room charges privileges apply for debit and cash room deposit.
12.3 The additional deposit will be returned at the end of the stay, less any damages and/or incidentals.
12.4 For bookings made through websites, the same valid credit card must be presented upon arrival with a valid identification.
12.5 Third party payments will only be accepted 5 days prior to arrival.

13. Policy for credit card, debit card or cash deposit

13.1 Authorizations or deposits will be held on a daily basis until departure: at this moment the actual price of your stay will be charged, except for long stays guest who must complete pre-payments weekly.
13.2 The release by your bank or financial institutions of amounts authorized may take up to 30 days after your departure and the hotel cannot be held responsible for any fees or charges that may result from secured deposits.

14. Pets in Suite

14.1 Permitted pets restricted to domestic dogs and cats only.
14.2 Guest agrees to be charged for property damage that occurs due to his pet during his stay.
14.3 At the moment of registration a discharge of responsibility must be signed.
14.4 Hotel guests will be held responsible for actions committed by their pets.
14.5 In addition, a fee of 75.00 CAD for the stay applies and dogs must not exceed 27 kg (60 lbs).
14.6 The hotel reserves the right to charge my account in proportion to the cost of cleanup and damages as urination, defecations, vomit, stain, surface damage and fabric damage due to my pet.
14.7 Guest is responsible for the supervision of their pets and agrees that the hotel cannot be held responsible for harm that would occur to his pet under the guest’s supervision.

Privacy Policy

15. Confidentiality and privacy of our guests

15.1 Hotel Le Crystal considers your privacy important. We treat your personal information submitted with great respect and we conform to the privacy policy of the hotel industry. Some information is requested in order to process your requests and allow you to participate in contests when accepted. We may, for example, ask you for your name, email address and mailing address. During your reservations, a credit card number with valid expiration date will be requested to process your request. Please note the following point (16. Collected Information) about our handling practices of your personal information to better understand the needs at the Hotel Le Crystal.

16. Collected information

16.1 Hotel Le Crystal collects information about each guest or its business to capture market demographic improve guest experience, allow the processing of pertinent sales reports and to create a personal profile (for personalization of guest’s experience). All collected information is used to provide Guests with appropriate services based on their requests and to identify possible improvements in Hotel Le Crystal’s services.
16.2 All Online transactions are protected by THAWTE SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificates and their handling in our systems comply to the PCI DSS requirements.
16.3 Hotel Le Crystal participates in statistical studies whereby third parties obtain information in order to better study the market, understand and adapt to the needs of our customer base. These statistics do not contain any personal information that could identify a specific person or company. We collect personal information primarily for the purpose of sending promotional emails, notify winners of contests and answer your questions or suggestions. No personal information is disclosed outside Hotel Le Crystal and its affiliates, except as described herein. We do not sell information collected online to entities outside of the Hotel Le Crystal.
16.4 Hotel Le Crystal contracts suppliers to manage and maintain the activities of its website. These suppliers are obliged by contract and by law to maintain the confidentiality of your information and cannot use the information to their own advantage. All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that Hotel Crystal’s affiliates or third parties do not use the information you provide for purposes other than those stated in this Privacy Policy at Hotel Le Crystal

17. Internet Site

17.1 Hotel Le Crystal may make use of user statistics to in the form of Cookies, to enhance the experience of our website visitors and the services offered by the website. Cookies used by the Hotel Le Crystal contain no identifying information and cannot profile the visitor’s system or collect data from their hard drive. Visitor’s identification, a series of numbers assigned during the first visit to Hotel Le Crystal’s website, provides no personal information such as names or other identifiable characters. The IP addresses (Internet Protocol) are used to analyze and monitor the movements of visitors and to better administer the site for the visitor’s needs. We guarantee to allay your concerns that IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.

18. Disclaimer

18.1 Hotel Le Crystal is not responsible for the use or inability to use these documents due to the interruption of services, defects, delays in operation or transmission, computer virus or line failure or system, even if Hotel Le Crystal is informed of the possibility of such damages, or losses of these expenses. Hyperlinks or website addresses provided by Hotel Le Crystal publications to other Internet resources are at your own risk. The content, accuracy, opinions expressed, links to other websites, links to software and resources are not investigated, verified, monitored or endorsed by the Hotel Le Crystal. Hotel Le Crystal will in no case be responsible for damages, direct, indirect, special, incidental, moral or consequential, loss of profits, opportunities, contracts, information, or expenses resulting from its website or other published documents which may result of a guest stay or guest experience at the hotel.

19. Links to Third Party Sites

19.1 Hotel Le Crystal is not responsible and absolutes itself in any way for other sites linked to its site or any information and their inclusion in it. These links are provided for reference only and none of them have been verified or reviewed by the Hotel Le Crystal. We have no control over these websites and are not responsible for their content.


All guests agree to the following when booking at Hotel Le Crystal.